Essie Winter 2017 Collection review


Top Row (L to R): Suit & Tied, Social-Lights, On Your Mistletoes

Bottom Row (L to R): New Year, New Hue, Ring in the Bling, Be Cherry!

I think that this Winter collection may very well have been one of my favorite Essie collections released this year! The names were clever and the formulas were on point. Shimmers, beautiful cremes, and gorgeous jewel tones are all here in this collection!

As tonight is NYE, I wanted to get my review in before the year was officially out!

Suit & Tied


As I shared on Instagram, this was my least favorite color from the collection. This is based solely on my opinion that I really didn’t like it on myself, but it applied beautifully and is a very nice neutral for the holiday season. Others loved this color, while some were like me and weren’t huge fans. Where did you fall on this color?



Social-Lights was one of my most anticipated colors from this collection and it did not disappoint! This soft grey color is infused with a subtle amber glow that really shines through. Formula was a winner as well!

On Your Mistletoes


This lovely teal blue color is dark and beautifully jewel-toned. Bright enough to not be super dark, it shows off its tone wonderfully. This color really made me feel chic while wearing it! Another great formula.

New Year, New Hue


New Year, New Hue was the color that surprised me the most, oddly enough! I was just expecting another berry-ish color, but its brightness was intoxicating and bewitching! It reminded me of a darker Flowerista or a brighter Bahama Mama. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails when I was wearing this color. Although it wasn’t the most unique color, I really loved this one.

Ring in the Bling


Ring in the Bling might appear as just another red, but the shimmer in this one takes it to another level! This is the perfect shade for the holidays, and as a bonus, this one looks just as good – if not better – matte!


Be Cherry!


Be Cherry! is probably the most “normal” polish, as it may just be another bright red. If you have another bright red color, you might not need this one. But, this one does have a nice wash of pink that does set it apart. Everyone needs a bright red for the holidays and if you don’t have one, pick this one up! Smooth formula, just like all the others!

Overall, my favorites were New Year, New Hue, Ring in the Bling, and Social-Lights. As a whole collection, it is perfect for the holidays and for NYE!

What were your favorites from this collection? Did you pick any up to wear for the New Year?

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