Essie Summer 2018 collection

All Daisy Long

All Daisy Long is a pearly white with an iridescent shimmer. Slightly sheer, so I used three coats on this one to build up the opacity. A nice white if you’re looking for one with something a little extra.

Making Harmony

Making Harmony is a gorgeous, deep & dusty purple. Not as dark as other purples of its ilk, this shade has an interesting tint to it that makes it a bit more unique than your average purple. Its dustiness allows it to be a tad neutral, which is nice.

Young, Wild & Me

Young, Wild & Me is the perfect, creamy pink that’s not too pale and not too bubblegum. A gorgeous shade to wear on a hot summer day!


Empower-mint is a bright minty shade that’s creamy and the perfect blend of blue and green. A beautiful color to wear in the summer while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Sunny Daze

Sunny Daze is a dusty orange with a copper shimmer. It applied beautiful and looks quite striking on the nail. There’s something very ’60s-ish about this, so depending on how you feel, that could be a good or a bad thing!

The Fuchsia is Bright

The Fuchsia is Bright is bright indeed! A fantastic pop of color with its vibrant hot pink, this shade also has some purple tones that gives it a perfect fuchsia tone.

For me, the four cream-formula shades definitely have it in this collection and are my favorites. I can definitely appreciate the two unique shimmers in this collection, but they aren’t personally for me.

Which ones did you pick up from this collection? Any favorites? Let me know in the comments!